The earth-ring weather forecast: From January 6 a very cold winter

The earth-ring-based weather bet is on a very cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere from January 6 to March 21.  After March 21, a colder-than-usual spring/summer, lasting until June 10.   And then, after June 10, a quick transition to hot summer.

In mid-November, anomalous cold will return, arriving earlier than it did in 2010, which was earlier than the year before.  Not because Nature is persecuting us but because the eclipse season is moving backward through the year, and with it the moment when the Sun slips behind the shade of a ring in the plane of the lunar orbit, if there is one.  And we hypothesize there is, from which the rest follows.

Meantime the Southern Hemisphere will be hotter than usual until June 10.  Its cold anomalies will be when ours are not.

Overall, temperatures may warm, despite the cold anomalies.  This would be the result of ongoing, long-term erosion in the ring in the equatorial plane.  It is the ring in the plane of the lunar orbit that would account for the wintry cold anomalies of the last few years, and will later account for summery cold anomalies.

Let’s see if it’s true before providing further explanations of what may not be.

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